It's the weekend, you're away from the process, and you don't want to worry about coming back to overflowing tanks.  It's not in your budget to connect your remote tank to your SCADA or purchase expensive text notification software.  We have an affordable and reliable solution to your needs.



  • No need for expensive or cumbersome wiring to your SCADA.  Works completely independent of any control systems.
  • Text alerts tell you if there's a power failure while backup battery continues to send text notifications.

Use to Monitor:

  • High Level
  • Low Level
  • Water present (leak or flood detection)
  • Overflow
  • 120V AC Power Failure
  • Pumps or Generator Starts or Stops
  • Low Battery


  • Two channel device will send unique text messages to up to 15 people 
  • Customization for call sequencing/escalation
  • Additional configuration available for acknowledgement of alarms
  • Additional customization available to monitor nearly any condition
  • Optional Daily, Monthly, or on-demand e-mailed report of alarm logs, including acknowledgements

Contact us today to get your notifications reliably without the expense of wiring or software based notification systems:

Cost:  Starting at $495 for each unit

$40 per month alarm service fee applies, plus $10 per month for each unit commissioned.

e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ph: 414-877-0770