Keg Washers and Fillers

CPME offers an extensive line of brewing and bottling equipment:

  • Keg Washers and Fillers from 10 to 50+ Kegs per hour
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fully Automatic washing process
  • Integrated caustic tank with level and temperature control and level induced shut down
  • Manual shut offs
  • Control system with recipe managed keg washing and/or filling


  • Infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • External Keg Washers
  • PET Bottling Lines
  • Glass Bottling Lines
  • Complete Turnkey Brewery

COMBI 1-0 Keg washer

  • Manual placement, one active position:  washing
  • 20-30 kegs per hour

COMBI 2-0 Keg washer

  • Manual placement, two active positions:  washing
  • 40-45 kegs per hour

COMBI 1-WF Keg washer/filler

  • Manual placement, one active position:  washing and filling
  • 10-15 kegs per hour

 COMBI 1-1 Keg washer/filler

  • Manual placement, two active positions:  washing and filling
  • One passive position for sterilization
  • 20-30 kegs per hour

 COMBI 2-1 Keg washer/filler

  • Manual placement, three active positions: two washing and one filling
  • Stainless or Plastic kegs
  • One passive position for sterilization
  • 30-45 kegs per hour